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Vitality at Work - Team Workshops

Session Overview

The focus of these sessions is to explore and apply the science of happiness principles to build a healthy and thriving workplace. The sessions are grounded in a highly practical and scientifically based approach to understanding happiness and how it can apply back at work.

Session Structure

Each session is three hours long and is a mix of learning and application. Some of the sessions require some pre work prior to the session.


Science of Happiness and Character Strengths at Work

The focus of this session is an introduction to the science of happiness.  Through a research based approach, the session will define happiness, identify some strategies you can apply to boost your happiness at work and in life. The session will also focus on Character Strengths which is foundation to our well-being.

Finding Flow at Work

This session will explore the importance of understanding, embracing and living in your strengths. We will explore the area of engagement including the concept of finding flow in work and the power of meaning. We will also explore the importance of achieving goals and how to set strength based goals. Team members will leave the session having a clearer sense of self and how to live in their strengths at work and in life.

Change your story, change your life: Defining your Authentic Self

 “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony" – Gandhi. This session is focused on connecting you to your authentic self. Working from your strengths we will focus on the power of thought and how it can mobilize you at work and life. We will learn about assumptions and how living mindfully can enrich your work and life. We explore the science behind a fixed versus a growth mindset and the importance of failure to our growth.

Vitality Coaching

Coaching can happen anywhere in an organization and is the process of supporting someone to understand their full potential. This session will focus on the skills of appreciative inquiry in coaching. You will learn how to have strength based coaching conversation that will ensure positive change and results.   

Building a Conflict Competent Culture

Conflict is often viewed negatively, yet when embraced and explored, conflict can be positive, resulting in new opportunities or solutions. This dynamic session is focused on developing conflict skills that can be applied back at work to ensure healthy and productive relationships with others. This session is grounded in positive psychology concepts and how they can make conflict a productive experience at work.

Resilience from Within

This final session will tied all the learning together and link it to our resilience. The session will focus on the “Permission to Be Human” during challenging times and how to draw on all the key areas covered in the sessions to develop your own resiliency. 

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