​​Soul Collage®: Deepening Connection to Self​

Claima Friday morning every 3 weeks for YOU to play, explore, express and connect to yourself. SoulCollage® is a unique and fun way to combine pictures that you are intuitively drawn to. It can be relaxing and fun as well as deeply moving as you create surprisingly meaningful collages. NO ARTISTIC ABILITY REQUIRED. Every 3 weeks we will explore a different aspect of Yourself. We will create a space to perhaps discover that ‘You” are your most loyal companion, your most treasured asset and your own dearest friend.  Fridays 9:00-11:30 am 

Session #2: May 21.  Exploring your Community.   

Our body is sometimes referred to as our "Loving Companion". Like a loyal friend, our body is always doing it's very best to keep up with our pace -to heal, to adapt and respond to our needs.In this session we will discuss the 7 Chakras and create a collage to represent an area of our body that needs attention. This is a new and beautiful way to explore the wisdom of the body.

Session #3: June 4.  Exploring your Companion. 

Your Community is described as all the people, pets and places that influence your life.You can intentionally make a collage to represent a Grandmother, a cherished pet, your childhood home, a dear friend, a deceased family member or you can even make a collage for someone whom you find challenging. By representing parts of your community through collage you can gain new insight and strength from these important aspects of your life.

Session #4: June 18.  Exploring your Council.   

The Council is the term to describe the mighty Archetypes that play a role in our lives.Archetypes are universal symbols with powerful energies that we can draw upon in times of need.This may come in the form of an Icon such as: The Buddha, Mother Mary or Mother Nature. Or they can simply be a generic symbol: The Hero, The Rebel, The Trickster.Understanding our connection to these powerful energies and their shadow side can be extremely liberating and empowering.

Session #1: May 7. Exploring your Committee. 

In SoulCollage® we describe your Committee as all the different parts of your personality: Your Inner Critic, Your Dreamer, Your Leader, Your Victim Self, Your Inner Child, Your Mothering self...The best part is that you don't have to decide what part to explore.Whatever part of you needs expression will emerge as you are drawn to the images that have meaning for you.

Sessions and Fees

Fee (Investment in Self): $195* for all 4 sessions in the series. Or $55 each if registering separately. All prices are in Canadian dollars, no tax. Payment can be made by etransfer to heidismith01@gmail.com or Paypal if outside of Canada. It may be worth checking if you have coverage for Registered Dietitian in your extended benefits. While we won’t be discussing nutrition directly, the SoulCollage® process can provide valuable insight that can profoundly impact health and habits.

*Register for all 4 sessions by April 8th and you will receive a bonus creativity package in the mail which will include collage cards, clear protective covers, national geographic magazines and more!

Location: ONLINE using Zoom.

Details Here: <https://www.heidismithnutrition.com/programs#anchorSC>

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