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What is MBSR?
The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR) is an 8 week researched based protocol to help people better respond to stress, anxiety and pain.  The program was originally developed by Jon Kabot Zin a researcher at the University of Massachusetts. Measurable outcomes include: reduced stress, better sleep, lower blood pressure and fewer ‘worries’. The 8 week MBSR program is now being taught in over 700 medical centres across North America.

Participants will learn:

  • How the body reacts to stress including short and long-term effects
  • Practical strategies to better cope with stressful situations 
  • Simple strategies for mindful living ie: mindful eating, being in the moment etc..
  • Different ways to practice formal and informal meditation
  • Strategies to reduce stressful communication with others
  • New ways to respond to pain, stress and discomfort

Desired Outcomes:
MBSR is not about stopping your thoughts or reaching an ‘Altered State” of Zen.   It’s about increasing your ability to sit with stressful situations without being swept away into negative habitual behaviours such as emotional outbursts, worrying, emotional eating, sleeplessness etc…This program is designed to increase your present moment awareness. Present moment awareness allows you to slow down and choose your response to stress instead of simply reacting.   Think of it as brain training to become more aware of these unconscious habits and give you the power to choose your moment to moment experiences.  You can’t control what happens to you in life… but with mindfulness, you can control how you respond to it.  

Who Should Attend?
Anyone looking to learn strategies to better deal with stress with the goal of increasing their overall health and well being.

MBSR Thursdays starting Sept 24: 

Free Introduction: Thursday Sept 24th

Week 1: October 1

Week 2: October 8

Week 3: October 15

Week 4: October 22

Week 5: October 29

Week 6: November 5

Week 7: Nov 12 Silent Retreat: Sunday Nov 15th

Week 8:November 26

Free Introduction: Thursday September 24th is the official introduction to the program for all registrants. It is also open to anyone interested to learn more about MBSR. If you would like to come to the free introduction before committing to the 8 week program, please make note in the registration form below.

Please review the dates and times closely.  We ask for a full commitment to all sessions wherever possible.  In addition, the Silent Retreat is integral to the program.  If you are not able to attend this date – we may be able to recommend other silent retreats you can substitute.

Location: TBA  
(Will be within a 15 min radius of Guelph.)

Program Fee:
$499+HST.   10% off( $449.00+HST) if booked by September 18, 2020

If cost is prohibitive, please inquire about scholarships or non-profit rates. We do our best to make our programs accessible.
Check your benefits for Registered Dietitian coverage.

8 Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program


Heidi Smith, RD, BSc.  Registered Dietitian.  Heidi is one of the co-founders of Vitality at Work.   Heidi provides a unique perspective by combing her expertise on nutrition and exercise with her passion for mindfulness, body awareness, self-compassion and creativity.  Heidi is completing her MBSR Teaching Training through the Centre for Mindfulness Studies in Toronto. 

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