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Psychology of Happiness Leadership Program

The Psychology of Happiness Leadership Program is a six-session learning experience focused on the application of positive psychology into work and life for leaders. The experience is grounded in a highly practical and scientifically based approach to understanding wellbeing and how important it is to a thriving workplace.

Core Learning Areas

During each session, the Psychology of Happiness Leadership Program will focus on exploring research and application of positive psychology concepts that are key to building thriving workplaces. The following areas will be core to the learning experience:

  • The Power of Positive and Negative Emotions at Work
  • Mindfulness and Flow at Work
  • Leading with Your Strengths
  • Trust and Vulnerability
  • Happiness Habits

Desired Outcomes

Members of the Psychology of Happiness Leadership Program will possess clear strategies to increase their wellbeing and the wellbeing of the teams they lead. By doing this, we will improve engagement, productivity and overall performance in the workplace.

Group Structure

Through an interactive learning environment, a small group of people will learn and grow together. The group will meet once  a week with each session being 1 hour in length. Meghan Kirwin will be facilitating the learning process.

Each session will involve discussion about the research and application of the learning into your life and work. The Virtual Learning Environment provides a very interactive experience and allows members of the group to see each other during live conversations. In between sessions access to important reading and videos for each topic will be provided. You will need access to a computer for each session.

Sessions and Fees

The fee is $350 + HST

Early Registration fee is $295 + HST