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Elizabeth K. Misener, PhD

Elizabeth is one of the co-founders of Vitality at Work. Her mission is to connect with people and to facilitate a space to explore evidence-based tools based in the “science of happiness” to cultivate, grow and build one’s baseline for “happiness”. She believe that when people experience life stressors it is not uncommon for them to become stuck in a loop. Her intention is to provide tools that support thriving and vitality in everyday life. She has a PhD and Masters of Social Work.


Psychology of Happiness Immersion Group

For Graduates of the Psychology of Happiness for Individual Thriving Program

The Psychology of Happiness Immersion Group is offered to graduates of our Individual Thriving program that wish to continue the learning process we started together.  The group is a virtual learning experience focused on the continued application of positive psychology (“science of happiness”) into your life. The experience is grounded in a highly practical and scientifically based approach to understanding happiness and how it can apply back at work and life.  

Core Learning Areas
Each month an area of learning will be covered. Over the next six months the following topics will be the focus:

  • Laughter: A Powerful Positive Psychology Intervention
  • Harmonious vs. Obsessive Passion: What Is the Difference and Impact on Our Wellbeing
  • Flow: The Experience of Flow in Work and Play
  • Recovery: The Power and Importance of Recovery in Everyday Living for Renewing Your Energy
  • Mindfulness Based Living: Taking it To the Next Level
  • Energy and Wellbeing: Learning about Strategies to Improve your Energy During the Day

Desired Outcomes
Happiness is something we can cultivate plant, grow and build. The desired outcome is that each member of the Learning Platform has clear strategies to increase their happiness. By doing this, we take part in a cultural shift that is good for both ourselves and the world around us.

Group Structure
Through an interactive on line learning environment graduates will continue to learn and grow together. You will receive important research (reading, videos) at the beginning of each month based on the topic for that month. We will meet each month to discuss the research and application of the learning to your life. Each session will be 1 hr in length and facilitated by Elizabeth Misener.

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