Words From Our Clients

"Attending the Vitality at Work workshop was truly eye opening. The content makes you think and provides the opportunity to make simple shifts in your life that can have such an impact to you and those around you. It sounds extreme to say that I see life differently after being introduced to the Positive Psychology concepts, but it's the truth. I encourage you to learn more and to take advantage of Meghan's knowledge, enthusiasm and contagious optimism!!"

Andrea Evans

Sr HR Advisor


"The Vitality Working Group gave me the structure, support and tools to embrace in the possibility of positive change as something tangible and applicable not just platitudes. No words except....MIND BLOWING weekly!"  

Sandra Brooks

IT Manager

Queens University

Vitality Coaching

Individual vitality is core to being in flow and thriving. Vitality coaching guides individuals to explore and uncover the pathway to their fullest potential.  Our approach is tailored to your needs and desired outcomes. We have two Vitality Coaches guiding the process Elizabeth Misener and Jackie Lauer.

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Science of Happiness Programs

We offer a number of programs focusing on the application of the principles of Positive Psychology to your life and work.

Psychology of Happiness

Happiness is something we can cultivate, grow and build. Psychology of Happiness for Individual Thriving is a rich learning experience grounded in a highly practical and scientifically based approach to understanding happiness and how it can apply back to work and life. To learn more or register for our online program click here.

For graduates of the Program, we encourage you to join our Psychology of Happiness Immersion Group. This virtual learning experience is focused on the continued application of positive psychology ("science of happiness") to your life.

Discover Your Strengths

Living in your strengths has an incredible impact on your overall wellbeing. The Strength Based Life Program helps individuals discover and understand the power of living and working in their strengths.

Radical Self Care

Please join Heidi Smith, Registered Dietitian for an exploration of mindfulness, food and health. With a society focused on losing weight at all cost - this program will allow to you to see your body through a different lens.

SoulCollageĀ® Finding Flow

Please join Heidi Smith, Registered Dietitian, and allow yourself to explore the wisdom of your body through the medium of creativity!

Science of Happiness Series - Live Workshops
Vitality at Work presents the Science of Happiness Series. Through a mix of learning and application, key happiness principles are explored in depth in this series of live workshops.

Mindful Conflict

Explore how mindfulness can impact your ability to engage in healthy and productive conflict.

Mindful Coaching Program

Uncover how mindfulness can enrich the coaching relationship.

Mindful Living

ā€‹Learning techniques to cultivate mindful living

Individual Programs

"Probably the biggest insight...is that happiness is not just a place, but also a process. Happiness is an ongoing process of fresh challenges, and it takes the right attitudes and activities to continue to be happy."

- Ed Diener

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