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                                                         Giving Birth to New Possibilities in 2021

As we cross the threshold into the new year, it’s worth taking some time to go inward and discover what you have been longing to bring forth. Join us online for a chance to connect inward and give birth to some new intentions for 2021. This is different process than using our rational mind to set “New Years Resolutions”. We will connect inward to our heart using images, mindful meditation, self-reflection and group discussion to give voice to whatever has been incubating and is ready to emerge. Refer to my article in the “Mindfulness” tab, for more details on this topic. Bring a journal, your SoulCollage cards (if you have any) and an open heart. All are welcome. We look forward to being in circle with you!

                         Date: Sunday January 17th, 2021. 9:30am-11:30am. Online using Zoom.

                       Fee:  No Charge

                                Click below for registration.

                                We’ll send the Zoom link a few days before the event.