Elizabeth K. Misener, PhD

Elizabeth is one of the co-founders of Vitality at Work. Her mission is to connect with people and to facilitate a space to explore evidence-based tools based in the “science of happiness” to cultivate, grow and build one’s baseline for “happiness”. She believe that when people experience life stressors it is not uncommon for them to become stuck in a loop. Her intention is to provide tools that support thriving and vitality in everyday life. She has a PhD and Masters of Social Work.

Discover Your Strengths Program - 6 Weeks

The fee is $295 + HST

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Discover Your Strengths Program

Research shows that only 17% of the workforce uses all of their strengths on the job” (Go: Marcus Buckingham).  This data reflects a significant opportunity because when individuals work in their strengths there is an increase in overall engagement and wellbeing.

The Discover Your Strengths Program helps individuals understand the power of working in their strengths. The learning experience is grounded in a highly practical and scientifically based approach to understanding strengths and how it can apply back at work and life. The program allows individuals to identify their strengths and weaknesses, develop strategies to leverage their strengths and manage their weaknesses, and unique ideas on how to find flow at work. This program is a critical step to help individuals realize their full potential.

Core Learning Areas
Each week the Strength Based Program will focus on learning the research and application of positive psychology in the area of strengths. The following areas will be core to the learning experience:

  • Introduction to Positive Psychology and Strengths
  • Identification of your strengths and how to bring them forward in work and life
  • Finding flow in your work
  • Making the most of your strengths
  • Identifying and managing your weaknesses

Desired Outcomes
Living in your strengths has an incredible impact on your overall wellbeing. The desired outcome is that each participant is able to identify their strengths and make the most of them at work and in life.  

Group Structure
Through an interactive on line learning environment a small group of six to eight people will learn and grow together. The group will meet once a week with each session being 1 hour in length. Meghan Kirwin will be the lead facilitator for the program.

Each session will involve discussions about the research and application of the learning to your work and life.  The Virtual Learning Environment will allow for a very interactive learning experience and allows us to see each other during our live sessions.  In between sessions the facilitator will provide you access to important reading and videos in the topic area for that week. You will need access to a computer with a webcam and phone for each session.

Sessions and Fees