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“I joined the  Vitality Working Group session because I often feel stretched thin and I wanted to find ways to remain full of life when I feel full of stress. I was wary: Would I be forced to listen to platitudes about “not sweating the small stuff”, about “living life to the fullest”, and even more nauseating, about “becoming the best you can become”? I was very surprised. We looked at research and we had to apply concepts directly to our lives.  (More...)

Marie Zimmerman,

Executive Director


Challenge your vitality daily, strongly pursue your vision and values, follow your gut, quench your desires and climb the mountain to victory"-Scottie Sowers

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Words from Our Clients

“Meghan Kirwin's workshops on happiness and the true meaning of personal "strengths" and what it means to work within these have changed my thinking about what is important. A shift of focusing on happiness as a primary driver of success and being authentic and true to one's unique talents has improved my life and my day-to-day engagement- both in my career and personally."


Tara Stubensey, Executive Vice President 

Genuine Health

Our Mission

Our mission at Vitality At Work is to empower individuals, teams and organizations to achieve their full potential through a focused approach grounded in positive psychology (also called the "science of happiness").

The science of happiness, when applied in the workplace, can have a lasting, positive impact on workplace culture. Our focus is to facilitate this positive change in entrepreneurial organizations in Canada.

Vitality at Work supports individuals, teams and organizations to connect with their strength and full potential through a focused approach grounded in positive psychology and the science of happiness. Key areas of focus:

Vitality Services

In 2004 I founded The Kirwin Group 

which supports entrepreneurial organizations with their human resource needs. My passion and focus through Vitality at Work is to combine our deep knowledge of workplace culture with the progressive research in the science of happiness. This combination allows for an innovative and strength based approach to developing workplace culture.

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